Payroll is a business’s financial records of employees. The distribution of employee paychecks. Annual records of employee wages. Payroll can be a business’s greatest overhead expense.

Administrating timely, accurate and compliant payroll in Canada requires a deep understanding of local tax, reporting, employment and compensation requirements. With our payroll solutions, you can count on in-country expertise and support to help ensure your workers in Canada are paid correctly every time.

Taxes, employee compensation and benefits

Our local experts provide up-to-date guidance on the specific tax legislation, compensation requirements and benefits expectations for processing payroll in Canada.

  • * Corporate, income and regional taxes
  • * Social taxes, including pensions, healthcare and unemployment
  • * Compensation for holidays, vacation and various types of leave
  • * Other withholdings and employer contributions

We’ve helped hundreds of employers transition their payrolls. Our professional payroll managers work closely with you to provide support and guidance throughout the process Get in Touch with us today to let our global payroll experts help you find the right solution for your organization.